April 24, 2011

And there goes another one...

Before I start talking about the main subject I gotta explain something first.

Why do I write in Enlgish?
You can think I do it because I want to be more interesting or "cooler" but the truth is that now that I'm restarting a blog I thought it would be a good idea to write in english to practice a little and if I made many mistakes in grammar I could blame the language not the poor educational system in my country.

Now that everything is more clear I return to the subject of this entry "and there goes another one"; That's because this week another one of my cousins got married because he had no other choice(he really had but people in this society thinks that it is the "right" thing to do) if you still don't know why he had to get married it's because his girlfriend is pregnant, 5 months, he is only 19 and her girlfrend(wife) I think 17; about 6 months ago another one of my cousins(now a female one) got married for the exact same reason, but at least both were 20.

Why do they do it?
I mean you can go to the freaking IMSS and get condoms for free, or you can buy a "next day pill" or you can go to an specialist before de 4th month, I suppose the only reasonable explanation is that th girls wanted to "tie" their boyfriend(I thought that it only happened in soap operas). I don't think they are completely aware of the kind of responsibility a baby is, and thinking about it more carefully maybe if you really knew you'll never have a kid, they are the most helpless breeding in the entire world and I'm not saying that I'll never have one but at 22 I still feel unprepared to have one in the near future.

Is it bad to kill a babie?
Legally it is after 4 months and also a bit dangerous, but I dont think a girl wouldn´t notice that something is not right within a month or two, also I think it's better because you're not only ruining your life but you are also ruining the life of the unborn baby. How many times haven´t you seen young women in the subway carrying a little boy/girl and yelling at them because they are just being babies they don't have any patience and the poor baby it's all dirty with one shoe and random clothes. Maybe with an incredibly amount of luck, the baby will grow into a decent human being but lets face the truth it's most likely that he never finishes elementary skool. So do you think it's fair to ruin 3 or 2 lifes because you didn't wanted to get rid of a bunch of cells that doesn't have form, I don't think so and I hope neither do you.

I guess it's all I have to say, Read ya later!


GinTsuKitsune said...

I think that soap operas are the way they are because it's human behavior.

And the post is actually very good (in terms of writing and grammar and stuff); I want to recall that currently I wouldn't want a dead baby in my conscience. That's why I won't have unprotected sex either. At least not now.

Ryosatsuma said...

Yep, its well written, way to go Lys =P.

And yep, I think exactly the same as you: Why do people care so much for a bunch of cells?, its not even a baby yet, it has no brain (and if it does, its not even capable of undestand nothing at all, nor pain or self-awareness of existance). And more important, those people shoulden't get to that stuff! all they need its a freaking condom! it's so simple.

GinTsuKitsune said...

New Post!

We demand a new post with
"The new adventures of old Lys"